Kambani Ramano

portrait of a writer.

‘to write, or not to write?’ that is the question Kambani has had to answer as time and life’s crossroads have unfolded his journey before him. and the response of his spirit has repeatedly been a resounding, ‘yes, what I do is me: for this I came.’ wordcraft. to make art of writing and leave a trail of beauty in the wake of his encounters with the page.


he stumbled upon the gift as a teen and, since writing his first – albeit rough-shod – sonnet in 2002, he has worked conscientiously over the years to refine his craft as a poet and storyteller.


after receiving his MA in Creative Writing in 2013, he embarked on a mission to make a fruitful enterprise of his creativity. this was inspired by an idea to write biographical portraits, celebrations of those men, women and organisations whose lives have had a meaningful impact on the world around them.


in the telling of the stories of both the renowned and unsung heroes of society, Kambani’s desire is for the blessings of their legacy to be passed on to our children’s children and for the literary heritage of our culture to, at the same time, be enriched.


when Kambani is not occupied with words, he has fun attempting to chronicle life’s memories through the lens of his camera, and he enjoys designing websites and laying out books.


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