literary portraits

as well as a selection of poetry.

story. a fundamental device that we use to share wisdom, impart identity and pass heritage on from one generation to the next. since the days of Adam stories have been told the world over to delight and instruct loved ones, learners, friends and foreigners. indeed life has been eternally nourished by the tales of our fathers.


below you will find a selection of short portraits and poems written by Kambani. may wonder find you in your reading. and may you catch a glimpse of the Great King, Yeshua the Christ, as He dotes and dotes on you.


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  • ‘like streams in the desert‘

    Omer is right next to an archeological site called Tel Be’er Sheva. it was the ancient city of Be’er-Sheva. at least, they think it was an ancient fortress connected to the city. and there is this sense that Abraham and his family were there—. you know, we would often go to this tel to pray, this archeological site. it had a covered area that overlooked a bedouin town. [...]

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  • Elead Group, a portrait

    ‘kill that burden before that burden kills you.’

        the Lord had spoken. Etienne Le Roux had asked Him for His word on the liquidation and it had come. he had not wanted to hear the thoughts of another man. not on a matter so personal. to close the company he had built over the past fourteen years he needed to be sure that it was the Father’s will. God’s answer was direct. [...]

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  • Una’s story

    In March of 1999, Leonardo and I and our two-year old son, Little Luigi, moved to Hawaii from Israel. We were extremely secular, a Jewish pair of seekers who enjoyed what the New Age movement had to say about spirituality. Its teachings gave us a real sense of contentment. We sincerely believed that we had found the meaning of life. Above all, we shared a wonderful unity [...].

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  • for Mbali, a self-portrait

    the difference ‘h’ can make. how an aspirated letter can turn flower into writer. ‘Mbali’—‘Mbhali’.

         she was a noun. a jewel on the landscape. exceeding Shlomo in all his kingly robes. it was enough for her to be. as Father had first planted her. beautiful. she was content to bloom in her season. to display to the rulers and authorities and powers the prettiness [...].

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  • seed words

    seed worlds, sprinkled in the dark


    draw wings from blade to nape

    bare feet upon a porcelain lake


    sea, they burn sea beyond sight [...]


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