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our purpose & creative offering.

founded in order to celebrate the poetry of God’s work in the world, the great passion of the story studio is to create art in all that we do. indeed we have made it our business to make something wonderful of life.


the heart of the business is the biographical portrait. however, Kambani also tells visual stories photographically and as a graphic designer.

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  • creative process

    for the love of art, Kambani works to infuse his creations with a spirit of originality and a high degree of technical excellence. whether he is telling a life or visual story, his goal is for each piece to reflect in some way the essence of his subject.


    for this reason his point of departure is first to conduct an interview or two with the client in order to hear their journey and heart. it is from this foundation that he goes on to build out the project. he takes the data, unpacks and internalises it, and then conceptualises what the final piece should look like. only once this is done does he throw himself into the task of giving shape to what will hopefully be a thing of beauty.


    Kambani has a bias for labour-intensive processes. as such his ethos is artisanal and, in the execution of his work, he tends to partner with those who are craftsmen in their own right. the end result of this approach is finished work marked by a personal touch and a great deal of care.


    in the words of Arthur Burk, ‘life is not a formula. it is an artform.’ while Kambani treasures the principles of wisdom, his objective is to weave them together to create pieces that have their own, unique fingerprints in the world.

  • biographical portraits

    from portraits as short as 5000 words to full length biographies, telling life’s stories is the reason the story studio exists.


    in three-to-four generations time when we, along with the monuments of our age, are a vanishing memory, our literature will be one of the treasures that keeps the torch of our contribution to history burning.


    as such, Kambani’s purpose is to serve those legacy-minded men and women who have built their lives with their children’s children in mind. by recording their stories, we ensure that their seed will be blessed by the memory of these heroes who paved the way for them.

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  • layout & design

    it all began with design experiments using open-source software such as Inkscape and Gimp to give vent to a need to express things visually.


    since those early days, grace and time have afforded Kambani a move to InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom,  as well as Adobe Muse on the web-design front.


    the design philosophy of the story studio can be summed up in a few words: clean, simple (well, mostly), and elegant; all with an experimental edge. Kambani’s work arises out of a drive for symmetry coupled with a love for colour and strong lines.

  • photography

    memory and space. these are the two themes that have shaped Kambani’s photography since he got his first camera in 2004. more specifically, capturing the spirit of life’s special moments as they pass through us, as well as trying to catch something of the wonder of the big, wide world we inhabit, have been key drivers behind his work.


    it was on a whim which came seemingly out of nowhere that he got into the discipline. and it has been an undying passion for composition and editing beautiful visuals that has kept him at it in the years which have ensued. to view a portfolio of his work, follow the link below.

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the stories, design and photos are all the creative work of Kambani Ramano.